Automatic Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

Touch Free Hand sanitizer dispenser. Infrared sensor detects hand gestures in 0.25 seconds from a distance of 5cm. Perfect for any workplace or public environment.  Capacity 1200ml. Charging type USB.

Battery is very durable and has good longevity between charges (20,000 Squirts  per charge). Battery duration will depend on use but it can withstand regular use for long periods (3-4 hour charging time) Can be oversensitive in some light & under high shine tiles etc.

Replacement Batteries are available

2000 times chargeable

Normal use more then a day easy

The above automatic dispenser is in stock now


Automatic Hand Sanitiser Dispenser with Express Shipping within 7 working days. Protect yourself and your employees from Covid 19 – Corona Virus with our Automatic Hand Sanitiser Dispenser. Perfect for doorways and public spaces. Larger bottles which fit perfectly in our various stands are available here:


Directions for use:
Squeeze on to clean, dry hands. Spread gel from your fingertips to your palms and back of hands. Allow to dry without wiping or rinsing.

We have many other sizes and types of Hand Sanitizer available with most including express delivery. These range from 50ml all the way up to 25 litre drums. Our Sanitizers are ideal for refill stands and dispensers or for the individual to carry on their person.

If you require larger sizes of sanitizer please view our range here:

Learn more about Covid 19 here:

Hand Sanitizer 65ml Each 3.41
Hand Sanitizer 100ml Each 4.23
Hand Sanitizer 125ml Each 4.63
Hand Sanitizer 250ml Each 5.69
Hand Sanitizer 500ml Each 15.45
Hand Sanitizer 1tr WITH PUMP Each 17.95
Hand Sanitizer 5 litre drum (based on pallet) Each 56.91
Hand Sanitizer 25 litre drum Each 528.46